Ecosystem Report: Transparency and Technology in Natural Resource Governance
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Photo: Unsplash

In preparation for the November Strategy Session on natural resources extraction, the Transparency Policy Project have developed a map of the major organizations seeking to advance transparency & accountability in the natural resources (NRG) domain.

The Ecosystem Report identifies existing uses of technology by civil society organizations around the world in order to understand the nuances and varying approaches to transparency & accountability in the NRG field. The report illustrates the community of practice that is growing around new technologies and transparency & accountability by listing organizations, the technologies they employ to advance their mission, their offline and online strategies, their target audiences, and their partners and funders.

We anticipate that this top-level survey of organizations through the ecosystem mapping exercise will serve as a valuable tool in guiding a deeper analysis of the political effectiveness of these civil society groups in employing new technologies to achieve their strategic aims.

TPP will continue to update this report as the project proceeds. If you have a comment, amendment or suggested addition then please email us at [email protected].