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Why Join?

“The Secretariat has been really helpful to us in terms of establishing relationships with other donors. I also think that (it) really helps us stay connected to the other donors and (informed about) other actors in the field.”

                                                                               – TAI Member.

Join TAI

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) provides a space for members and practitioners leading change around transparency, participation, and accountability (TPA) to share insights on the state of the field or select portfolios, compare notes on grantee support and strategize around a specific opportunity.

If you are new to this field, we want to learn more about your work and help you better understand the landscape. The Secretariat can orient you—be it on current evidence or matching your interests with individuals and organizations leading relevant programming.

We invite funders to join our conversation. We also encourage practitioners and researchers to tell us what we can be doing to better support your efforts.

What does membership look like?

TAI has two membership categories: “Associate” and “Core.” The primary difference is in decision-making rights – core members determine the use of TAI collective resources. However, members in both categories have access to all TAI member discussions, research, networks, our grants database, and can suggest inquiries to be facilitated by the Secretariat.

To learn more about member benefits, roles, responsibilities, and the process of joining TAI, please contact us. We welcome a conversation with you on how to make sense of transparency and accountability funding practices.

If you’re not interested in joining TAI but interested in learning more about the transparency, participation, and accountability fieldsubscribe to our Weekly for a comprehensive roundup of news, research, events, and jobs on all things open and accountable.