Cleaning Up the Financial System – Global Anti-Corruption Opportunities under the new United States Administration and Congress
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On 13th January 2021, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) funder collaborative hosted a virtual roundtable of funders to discuss opportunities to tackle cross-border corruption under the incoming Biden Administration and new Congress. 10 funder organizations participated.  

The objectives of the roundtable were to a) build shared understanding of the most significant prospects for U.S. leadership in fighting global corruption within the first 18 months of the Biden Administration, b) discuss how the funder community can best help realize those opportunities given existing funder strategies and commitments.

While donor interest was high, it was understood that this window of opportunity was immense and required funding from more than just the funders on the call in order to truly capitalize on this moment.

Read the brief to learn more about grantees working on these anti-corruption prospects and how funders can help.


Funder Briefing - Prioritized Opportunities for International Anti-Corruption Under the Biden Administration