TPA Full Disclosure Series

TPA Full Disclosure: Jorge Florez on listening and sharing capacity to provide useful solutions to local problems
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Jorge Florez is the Senior program manager and activist at Global Integrity, where he generates insights about approaches to use data to fight corruption and improve service delivery and ways to bring the voices and perspectives of country partners into global decision making.

His interest around transparency, civic participation, and accountability issues began with trying to understand the reason for violence in Colombia. “I was trying to understand what was happening there and what was driving people to be violent, and I saw a root of that problem in inequality, lack of access to services, lack of resources, and lack of power,” Jorge recalls. From there, he became more active in supporting social movements and later moved on to advise the government on citizen engagement and social accountability.

In this interview, we discuss existing gaps around using data to create local solutions and advancing open fiscal governance at the local level.


Catch up with Jorge on Twitter at @j_florezh and  get more update on what Global Integrity is up to at @Globalintegrity