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The Civic Space
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This Collaboration Case Note describes TAI efforts to better understand the challenges faced by grantee organizations due to closing civic space and identify solutions to help grantees respond to different forms of restrictions. This collaboration centered around the generation of original research and curated content. Some 200 grantee organizations participated in the research through surveys, interviews, and webinars on report findings. However, several barriers have hindered the shift from diagnostics into action, including divergent framings of “closing civic space” among members, inconsistent engagement, and adjustments to member strategies. This collaboration has served to deepen member understanding of the scale and complexity of the challenge but is also an important reminder of the different elements needed to foster clear collective action. We look forward to seeing how responses evolve as we consider practical forms of support that can strengthen resilience of grantee organizations operating in difficult environments.


TAI Civic Space Collaboration Case Note