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TPA Full Disclosure: Olive Namutebi on advocating from the place of evidence
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In many parts of the world, albinism is profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically. Enter Olive Namutebi, the founder and Director of Albinism Umbrella, a Uganda-based nonprofit organization working collaboratively with communities to promote and protect the interest of people living with albinism to make the world a safer place for all. Her dream is to see a world where all persons with albinism live dignified lives and fulfill their potential.

Albinism Umbrella is one of the winners of the Voice-funded open and inclusive governance program that is co-sponsored by TAI-member, Hewlett Foundation. It is designed to help empower self-led organizations and marginalized groups of rightsholders to be in the pilot seat in fighting for their rights and agency. In honor of this year’s international albinism day, we spoke to Olive on how Albinism Umbrella ensures social accountability and gives a voice to people with albinism.


Catch up with Olive on Twitter at @namutebi_olive and get more update on what Albinism Unmbrella is up to on Twitter at @albinismumbrell