Understanding Philanthropic Funding on Tax
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Springtime in Washington – a time for cherry blossoms, kayaking, and of course, tax payments.  Understanding the process of paying individual taxes can be quite intimidating for many, let alone understanding the global taxation landscape. However, international taxation issues affect each and every person who benefits from public service. How can a newcomer to the space better understand how it all fits together, or a seasoned vet meet new players?

The tax site – TAI’s newest addition – seeks to demystify this sector and break down how TAI donor members see tax in an easily digestible way.

TAI created this page for two reasons. First, we wanted to clarify and visualize how each of our members see a pathway to change in the tax sector and highlight the common strategic elements that unites each them. Secondly, we wanted to help users understand how our grantees and other organizations fit into the way we think about tax issues, and how we work with our partners to realize our strategy. For more information on why we care about tax issues and the genesis of this site, check out an earlier blog.

We’re excited to spread word about the tax site in the hopes that advocates across the TAP field can leverage the contents within as a resource. In particular we’re hopeful that the tax site will achieve three main goals:

  • Spark new partnerships across organizations, perhaps those who approach tax issues from very different points of view
  • Clearly articulate each of our member’s strategic vision on tax, and the strategic elements that each of our members share
  • Inform other organization’s strategies on tax, potentially to build on or complement TAI member’s work.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list – we’re looking forward to hearing real use cases from the tax field.

We have also developed a user manual page to help users navigate the technical aspects of the site and make full use of it. We’re excited to hear from our tax transparency brethren – did this site improve your understanding of TAI’s tax work? How can we better walk the talk of donor transparency? Send us an email at [email protected] or Tweet us with your thoughts!  


Photo credit: Pixabay.com