Notes from Webinar: The Two Sides of Funding Technology Projects
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We are pleased to announce our new webinar series featuring topics relevant to transparency and accountability organizations who want to learn how to implement technology projects that will increase their impact. These webinars feature content that is either featured or is relevant to our upcoming publication: Fundamentals for Using Technology in Transparency and Accountability Work. Please help us spread the word and save the dates.

Notes and Recordings from Past 2014 Webinars

  • Tech Strategies that Support Successful Accountability Projects. Have you implemented a technology project only to find that it had very little impact on your work? We will look at research that examined the impact of technology projects on transparency and accountability work and examples of use of technology in achieving goals. We will also review the steps necessary in developing an integrated technology strategy.


  • Effective Technology Project Planning and Implementation. Technology project management is tricky as implementation often brings up new challenges and highlight problems you didn’t know existed. We will look at common pitfalls that lead technology projects to fail and agile and flexible project management techniques that will support successful implementation. This will include tips on choosing the right technologies and working with consultants and developers.


  • Learning, Evaluating and Fine-Tuning Your Technology Project. Have you said: “If only we knew that at the beginning”? If you wait until the end of your project to do evaluation, you will miss important learning opportunities that can contribute to success. We will examine methods of integrating evaluation and learning during your technology project implementation. This will cover how to establish a starting point or baseline and formulate metrics that will help you determine if your project’s on it’s way to being a success.


  • Getting Citizens Engaged in your Transparency and Accountability Work. How is that spreadsheet going to engage and inspire people? You need to translate data into information that will change or impact their lives. During this webinar, you’ll get an understanding of how to identify the right data and how to package it to effectively connect with your audience. We will also look at creative ways to motivate citizens to give you data.


  • The Two Sides of Funding Technology Projects. Having a technology strategy and a solid technology plan will only get you so far. You also will need to find the resources to support the project. We will look at technology project proposals from both sides, how to write it but also how funders evaluate them. This will include best practices for funder/grantee relationships. We will also look at identifying different resources besides funding that can support your tech needs and ideas.


  • Digital Security Essentials for NGOs. With increased dependence on digital technologies comes increased vulnerability to attacks and exploits that can cause substantial damage to organizations, allies, and supporters. This session will offer an conceptual overview, starting with the “why” of focusing on security and then moving to a survey of the different realms where NGOs should address security considerations. Concrete steps for improving “security culture” will be offered, and there will be plenty of room for questions.


  • Using Info-Graphics and Data Visualisations to Engage. September 17th, 15:00 UK Time. A picture can speak a thousand words, but how a picture is perceived depends on who is viewing it and their contexts. How you package your data should be determined by who will view it, and what you want them to do as a result. We will explore how to get the right visual elements in info-graphics and visualisations that convey complex information simply to your audience. This will also include how to effectively work with Graphic Designers.


  • Using ‘Big Listening’ techniques in your transparency and accountability work. October 15th, 15:00 UK Time. Are you broadcasting a message on social media but finding that no one is listening? We will show you how to use online social media to understand and effectively engage your stakeholders. Learn how to identify keywords, vocabulary, where your stakeholders are online, where your issues are being discussed and how to tap into the power of a distributed network to amplify your message. We will also review a range of free dashboards and listening tools.