Emerging Economies: Transparency and Accountability in the Extractive Industries Working Paper Series
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Emerging economies, their governments and their companies, are playing an increased role in oil, gas and mining production – both within their own borders but also outside in other countries and regions.

With the potential to bring powerful positive or negative impacts, it is vital that decision makers in these companies and governments are accountable for their actions, at home and abroad. Clearly, some existing national and international initiatives towards transparency and accountability will also affect these emerging economy actors. But are there other opportunities and challenges specific to these actors? How can real dialogue be developed with each of them?

To increase our collective understanding, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative and Revenue Watch Institute have commissioned a series of country scoping studies with researchers in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines and South Africa. At the country level, they have mapped trends, key actors, and promising strategies for engagement on the domestic front. At the international level, they have explored the potential for developing dialogue in global policies and initiatives.

These are working papers designed to stimulate lively discussion and practical action. Please feel free to circulate and use them, and contact Suneeta Kaimal or Vanessa Herringshaw with any reactions or updates.