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At the heart of open government are the ideas of transparency, participation and accountability. As a working definition:
  • Transparency means the public understands the workings of their government
  • Participation means public can influence the workings of government by engaging with public policy processes and public service providers
  • Accountability means the public can hold the government to account for its policy and service delivery performance
The Guide has been developed by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI). It aims to support governments and civil society organisations to advance transparency, accountability and participation particularly as part of the Open Government Partnership. It highlights practical, measurable, specific and actionable steps that governments can, and are taking to advance open government. 
The full guide covers a broad range of topics, and more are being developed. 
Cross cutting topics                                                                             Focused topics
Assets disclosure and conflicts of interest                                            Aid
Budgets                                                                                                        Construction
Citizen engagement                                                                                   Elections
Open government data                                                                             Environment
Public contracting                                                                                      Extractive industry
Public services                                                                                             Fisheries
Records management                                                                                Land
Right to information                                                                                  Parliaments
Whistleblower protection                                                                          Police and public security
                                                                                                                                Tax and illicit flows 
Each topic has been developed by an expert organisation and offers a flexible menu of “illustrative commitments” which governments can adopt. 
Initial steps – actions that a country can take starting from a relatively low baseline
Intermediate steps – actions that countries can take once they have already made moderate progress
Advanced steps – established best practice demonstrated by the most advance performers
Innovative steps – new approaches which countries are trying out 
For each step, the Guide lists:
Recommendations – detailed guidance from expert networks
Standards and guidance – key principles, guidance, reports, rankings and tools
Country examples – examples in practice from around the world
The levels of ambition do not imply that countries must work through the steps one by one, or that the country examples given in relation to a particular action implies an overall rating of national progress. Rather, it seeks to offer a flexible framework  to support national dialogues about reforms in support of progress towards greater openness. 
This document is a customised extract from the full online guide, which is a work in progress. is not just a static website. We hope that it will continue to grow with new case examples, resources and ideas. Contact [email protected] with comments and suggestions.


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