Information and Accountability: Preface to Evidence Syntheses of Within-Government and Citizen-Government Accountability Pathways
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This preface provides an overview of the specific pathways to accountability explored through the Learning from Evidence series. The document further provides a high-level summary of evidence from a detailed evidence syntheses on within-government and citizen-government accountability actors and pathways. These pathways provide one framework to understand existing evidence on how information affects government accountability. Funders and practitioners can draw on the Learning from Evidence series to inform program and investment strategy designs to strengthen accountable democratic governance during non-electoral periods.

These evidence syntheses are part of the Learning from Evidence series, a learning process undertaken by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative to engage with and utilize the evolving evidence base in support of our members’ transparency and accountable governance goals. We are pleased to have partnered with MIT’s Governance Lab and Twaweza on this initiative.


Information and Accountability - Evidence Review Preface