Improving the Design and Effectiveness of Investments in Governance Data: Lessons Learned and Practical Guidance for Funders
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Global funders of transparency and accountability invest considerable resources in the production, disclosure, and use of governance data. This includes global data to benchmark governance performance or diagnose governance challenges across countries (i.e. the IBP’s Open Budget Survey), as well as data to improve transparency and accountability within countries (i.e. country procurement data and systems). Together, these investments have succeeded in setting agendas and influencing norms and standards for openness both globally and in many developed and developing countries, and in many cases leading to enhanced disclosure and use of governance data. However, collective and systematic evidence of data investments contributing to sustained increases in transparency, accountability and public participation remains limited, particularly in developing countries. Why is this the case and what can funders do to improve the impact of their investments? Find more from our report. #Data4governance