Lauren Keevill – The TAI Years
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When you sit across from someone for two years in tight quarters, one gets to know the other pretty well (perhaps too well!) I’m lucky that Lauren has not only put up with me and my sprawling piles of paper but proven such a great colleague – always ready to cheer us up (perhaps with a little Beyoncé or the latest video of the dog), to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice, to go the extra mile to get stuff done and to make connections, not least here in our OpenGov home.

Following TAI’s move to DC, to a new model, and new priorities in 2016, Lauren was the first to join me in supporting our donor members. Today is her last day with us, as she goes on to bigger things and to fulfill her wish to manage more projects in the field. She has been integral to so much of what we’ve been doing from a first country data-dive in Nigeria to planning member retreats to getting us on a good task management system to building up a great compendium of responses to closing civic space.








Lauren – thank you for all your myriad contributions over the past couple of years, and best wishes in all your future endeavors!  We’ll need to commission a life-size cut-out for the now vacant desk…


This blog was written by Michael Jarvis (Executive Director at TAI).